Are you in a quest for best serger for your sewing and stitching projects?

If yes, then there are lots of types that you can explore in the marketplace. Since there are so many types which can see in the market, it is very true that choosing the best one is very challenging for you. So, it is essential to look for guide that can help you in proper selections.

There are some sergers that are efficient and convenient to use. In fact, most of the sergers that you can find in the circulation are high quality. For more information, you may take a look at the following guide in buying the product.

While most of the sewers and hobbyists are talking affirmatively about these sergers, it is also advisable to experience which they have experienced through purchasing the product and be able to use it for good.

Top 3 Sergers For The Money

And after conducting thorough research and reading authentic reviews, I found the following 3 Sergers offers impressive features and cost effectiveness.

Brother 1034D 3 or 4 Thread Serger

Brother 1034DIf you are after for a high quality type of product for your sewing and stitching projects, then it’s good to choose Brother 1034D. View Brother 1034D on Amazon

This product has numerous benefits to all users since it has various remarkable features as well. These remarkable features include the following:

  • It has 22 types of built-in stitch functions that contain 3-thread and 4-thread over lock, ribbon lock stitches and rolled hem for you to make sure that you can easily use the machine.
  • This machine is easy to use, easy to learn and easy to thread. So, you can have an assurance that you will not experience any problem while you are doing your stitching and sewing projects. In fact, this type of serger offers printed manual and instructional video for you to clearly understand how it works and functions.
  • You can make your sewing and stitching projects as fast as you can because it offers high performance level. Also, it has differential fabric feed that you may use for quality stitching.

SINGER 14CG754 ProFinish 2-3-4 Thread Serger

Another type of serger that you can purchase in the market is the SINGER 14CG754. If you purchase this serger machine for good, you can have a guarantee that you will gain more benefits and advantages.

Try to take a look at the following notable features and explore how these help you to achieve your goals:

  • It features 2-3-4 thread capabilities that provide you more varieties in stitching.
  • This serger machine has free arm sewing that can be utilized for easier way of sewing. You can use this free arm sewing if you will work on some areas that are difficult to reach like cuffs and armholes.
  • It has also an adjustable tension that can regulate stitches to make it all balanced.
  • For quality assurance, this product is covered by 25-year warranty period.  So, you don’t have to be fret anymore when it comes to quality and life span of the serger machine.

Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch

If you want better quality results after sewing and stitching, then it’s good to use Brother 2340CV in doing your projects. For more details of the product, you may consider the following attributes or features:

  • It has looper thread guides and color-coded thread dials that allow you to use threads without difficulty.
  • It has complete accessories which include 4 thread nets, needle set, 4 spool mat, 4 tweezers, 4 spool caps, cleaning brush, soft cover, hexagonal wrench and instructional manual.
  • This serger has presser dial food that assures a consistent delivery of the fabrics.
  • It can be used for wide selections of cover stitches. In fact, you can utilize this serger machine for utility and decorative purpose. So you can use this type of serger if you would like to create resilient strapping for dance garments or swimsuits and chain stitch finishing for belt loops and hems.

Types of Serger

Actually, sergers have several types and you might get confused on what to choose since there are so many options and quality kinds. So, for you to choose the ideal one that can provide more benefits for you, it is advisable to narrow down your choices. You have to explore the different types of sergers that are good for you stitching and sewing procedures. For your reference, below are some the high quality type of sergers that you should know:

  • 2-Thread Sergers – These kinds of serger can produce a narrow and flat stitch. This is very best for sheer and lightweight fabrics.
  • 3 and 4 Thread Sergers – 3-thread sergers have only one needle. However, these are suitable on medium to have heavy fabrics. Aside from that, these can also be utilized for some decorative effects like rolled hems and pin tucks. 4-thread sergers are similar with the 3-thread sergers. But, the only difference of these kinds to the 3-thread sergers is that these have and additional needle that can create wider and more secure stitches when sewing.
  • 5-Thread Sergers – These kinds have two needles. In fact, these are the combination of the 2-thread and 3-thread sergers. These types can create safety stitches that can produce a durable seam.

With these types that were mentioned, it is expected that you can choose the best types of sergers that are suitable for your sewing projects. Also, you can now have an idea if what will you choose among the different options that are available in the marketplace.

Advantages of Using Sergers

Using sergers when sewing and stitching can provide you a lot of benefits. In fact, many people tend to use this to help them in producing quality and best results with their sewing projects. If you are also interested in using the quality sergers in the market, then try to look for the best sergers that could help you in achieving your purpose. The following are the benefits and advantages that you might get out of using sergers when sewing or stitching:

  • It can stitch a dual row of straight stitches. Also, it can finish your stitching procedure in one sitting.
  • The straight line for stitching can be stretched. So, when you are sewing stretch materials, the seam can move with the materials.
  • The rolled-hem also functions very well since it gives a good narrow edge finish which can be overtly seen by the users.
  • In most cases, sergers can be utilized to finish the inside coating of the garments that also secures seam allowances so as not to ravel.
  • With the use of sergers, you can do professional finish retail clothing. In fact, most of the hobbyists and enthusiasts use different types of sergers which they think are good for them.
  • It can provide you quality results for your sewing projects. Though some of the types of sergers are quite expensive, you can still have a guarantee that you will have the quality products. When buying a serger, make sure to choose if how many threads you will have since the more threads which you will consider, the higher the price it offers.


Though there are numerous types of serger machines that you can find in the circulation, it is still imperative to select the best one for greater results. If you are considering your budget in purchasing the product, then you should not missed out the above mentioned sergers. In despite of all the types of serger machines that you have come across, you need to make sure that you can arrive in choosing the ideal one.