Janome Horizon MC8900QCP Household Sewing Quilting Machine Review

I’ve had the 8900 for about a year and use it for making quilts. What makes this machine stand out are the accu-feed walking feet system (walking/presser foot hybrid).

janome mc8900 reviewJanome Horizon MC8900QCP Features

  • Computerized
  • Needle Threader
  • Needle Up/Down Setting
  • Embroidery Stitches
  • One step buttonhole
  • Drop-In bobbin
  • Free Arm
  • Adjustable Stitch Length and Width
  • Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure
  • Adjustable Needle Position
  • Auto Threading

My journey with this machine is interesting.

When I purchased my Janome MC 15000 I decided to sell all my other sewing machines so I could focus and learn the machine inside out.

As life normally happens after I sold all other machines I had to send my MC 15000 machine in for service and it was going to be a minute before I got it back. Of course I kicked myself and knew I had to buy a second machine.

I wanted another MC 15000 but could not afford that. The next choice was the MC 9900 because it was the closest to the features of the MC 15000. I was being cheap and didn’t want to spend the extra $500 and decided to buy the floor model MC 8900.

Once I received my MC 15000 from being serviced I regretted purchasing the MC 8900 for 2 reasons, 1 – it was not the machine I really wanted, 2 – it was a knee jerk reaction to a temporary situation.

I started hating the machine and it had nothing to do with how it sewed.

I decided I would trade it in for the MC 9900 but after talking to the dealer it would have been too great a loss. Then I decided to sell it but that did not work out either because I was not willing to take such a huge loss so soon after purchasing the machine.

The machine sat for a few more months before I decided that I paid way too much money to let the machine sit idle. Even though I hated the machine I was going to use it.

What can I say. The reason I started buying Janome machines is because they do wonderful stitching and this machine is no exception. Sewing on this machine is an absolute dream for me (now – smile 🙂 ).

I use 12wt and 30wt cotton thread all the time and I never have to adjust the tension – Janome understand the meaning of “auto” tension.

The machine is an absolute workhorse. It has lots of beautiful stitches and it is not a finicky machine. I love how easy it is to stitch a buttonhole on this machine. I had a Pfaff 2144 (upgraded to a 2170) and I never could figure out how to get a decent buttonhole on that machine. I also had the Pfaff Creative Sensation but I never used it.

My machine is pretty quiet and I guess the lighting is adequate. These days no matter what machine I use I require additional lighting.

I love that I have the red faceplate version. I did not like the ugly grey industrial looking face plate. I love that it has an extra high presser foot lift. I also love that it comes with plenty of feet and the extension table. I also got a carrying case as a bonus with this purchase.

Things I like about the MC8900QCP

  • Throat/harp space. OMG this is a huge machine and I LOVE that I can push a queen sized (or bigger) quilt through the throat and I don’t feel like I’m going to break anything (shoulder included). The workspace is wonderful.
  • Decorative stitches. I don’t use them a lot (I’m a quilter first) but when I do, they are really cute … for as long as they work (see below).
  • True 1/4″ seam. Once I made a couple of minor adjustments, the quarter inch seam is perfect. I like that I can save the changes to the stitch instead of having to save it as a new stitch. I also like that I can change to a quarter inch from a regular stitch with just the press of a button on the front panel.
  • Quick change throat plate. I wish all the manufacturers would start making machines like this. With literally the push of a button, the throat plate comes off and another can be snapped into place. It’s wonderful.
  • Sewing feet. It comes with several, including three different ones that can be used for FMQing.

Some Quick Questions

Was the machine manual sufficient?

When I use it yes.

Did you buy any accessories? Do you use them?

I bought a ruffler foot. Since the feet are interchangeable with my MC 15000 I have many more feet available to me.

Is this your primary machine?

I don’t know. It is if I am embroidering on the MC 15000. I use both machines quite a bit.

Did you take any classes specifically for this machine?


Was this a gift/pre-owned/garage sale etc?

It was a gift to myself. It was a floor model.

How often do you use it?

I use this machine several times a week.

Would you recommend this machine to others?

I would definitely recommend this machine. This machine does what I need when I need it. It is not finicky. I use all kinds, any brand of thread without any issues. It stitches well. The auto tension works beautifully but if I needed to modify it, I can do it without a lot of fuss. Janome typically builds solid, reliable machines.

I am finally beginning to bond with it like I bonded with my MC 7700.

Have you had any trouble with this machine? Please elaborate.

I would not say I am having trouble going over humps, I would say I know there is a limit. Initially when I started using the machine I had trouble going over humps but as I learned the machine, used the appropriate needle, and use the hump jumper tool it is no longer problematic.

Only one time was I not able to go over a hump and had to sew it by hand (boy was that work). I was working on a purse that I had interfaced with Pellon Fusible Hair Canvas. The seam I was trying to go thru had about 4 layers of really thick denim. I now know this was a job for a professional machine.

Do you do regular maintenance on this machine? How?

I do the normal cleaning of the bobbin area after each sewing session.

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