Brother SE400 Computerized Sewing Embroidery Machine Review

Brother SE400 Sewing and Embroidery MachineSewing machines, with their great versatility, have stunned people who are in the sewing business either professionally or as hobbyists. The machines can do the work of hours in minutes and if it is a 2-in-1 system, then the perks of using such equipment will be well par excellence. Brother is arguably the best brand in the production of the best sewing machines in the entire world. This SE400 computerized system is a 2-in-1 product that can be used for sewing purposes and also for the embroidery needs. It is ideally setup in such a way so that both purposes are well served. The computerized machine makes it easy for setting up and managing different modes. Thousands of people have already used this machine, and the clear majority find it to be the most versatile and advanced machine for both embroidery and sewing purposes.

Brother SE400 Features

The following are the most prominent features of this machine from Brother Industries:

  • Sewing and Embroidery – This machine can create everything that you can imagine in the sewing and stitching world. It provides users with comprehensive sewing options and also a 4 x4 platform to do embroidery seamlessly. It’s a great gadget for sewing tasks as well as specialized embroidery tasks that can be used to give a fine stitch easily.
  • LCD Display Screen – The LCD display screen is there with computerized functionalities to help you with the displaying of your current settings and the mode you are working in. This feature is very important to help you work with great confidence and manipulate the settings when needed without any confusion.
  • Built-in Designs – The machine comes equipped with 67 distinct sewing stitches, 70 built-in embroidery patterns and 5 lettering fonts. This makes it one of the most complete and versatile systems for advanced users. The user can make a variety of designs through these stitching options and can customize according to their needs.
  • Computer connectivity – The machine can be connected with the computer to download all types of designs and patterns to be implemented. And you would not be limited while working with your machine. You can add more functions easily.
  • The auto thread cutter – The professional finds it one of the main things to see in the system, as the auto thread cutter provides convenience by cutting off the bobbin and the top thread with ease. It would make your sewing process even more quick and easy.
  • User Manual and the Warranty – The machine comes with a bilingual user manual that will answer all your questions independently. Moreover, it comes with a 25-year warranty as well.

Brother SE400 Pros

  • The machine has computer connectivity, which is highly viable both for professionals and hobbyists. This feature can be used for downloading our created designs to the machine or the ones that you have purchased online.
  • The embroidery platform of 4 x 4 inches is quite resourceful,and is further supported by the 70 numbers of embroidery patterns which are built into the system.
  • The system doesn’t only have a useful automatic thread cutter, but it is also very easy in using with its one-touch application for detaching the bobbin and the top thread with ease. This feature will definitely please the professional users who are after bulk of work.
  • The LCD display screen is equipped with the backlit feature, which helps in easy reading of the information shown and also can be used for supporting the setting up and overall management of the sewing and embroidery machine.
  • It is an advanced system that the users will find helpful for using with the help of a well-designed bilingual user manual. The pictorial representation of the key parts with well-written instructions makes it a fairly easy to use system.

Brother SE400 Cons

  • The 4 x 4 embroidery platform is a bit limited in size for advanced needs.
  • Some of the professional users find it somewhat inconvenient because of its consistent jamming issues.
  • The machine does have the letters for embroidery, but doesn’t have the monogram application. This is disappointing as the professional users need to spend a good $100 or more for adding this feature which adds to the overall price.


The machine has the potential to serve both hobbyists and professional sewers and embroiderers. The limited size of the embroidery table raises a few concerns,but the built-in stitch patterns for embroidery and the computerized connectivity adds a great spark into the machine. It is definitely a very safe investment for amateur and as well as mid-range users.

Quick Questions

Tell us about your first impression when you used this machine.

I was very impressed. My heirloom Pfaff broke down in the middle of a complex sewing project with a time frame that was not conducive to waiting on a repair, so my husband just said “Figure out what machine to order.” This is what I chose. I liked the idea of a one step buttonhole, and having a basic amount of embroidery available. I really love my Pfaff, so I was worried this wouldn’t measure up. But this little machine is a beauty, especially for how affordable it is. I’m not crazy about the free arm, it’s just too wide to be truly useful. But that is the price you pay for the electronic goodies this machine comes with. The Pfaff spoiled me with its crazy narrow free arm.

Was the machine manual sufficient?

Absolutely! Very detailed and user friendly. I still refer to it regularly when using a function I don’t use weekly.

Did you buy any accessories? Do you use them?

I bought an invisible zipper foot. Those plastic things don’t cut it.

Is this your primary machine?

Yes, it is now. I still love my Pfaff for certain things, but this machine gives me more options and the buttonhole is so much better.

Did you take any classes specifically for this machine?


Was this a gift/pre-owned/garage sale etc?

Well, it was technically a gift from my husband, but he is a smart man who loves tools himself and knows you always involve the user in selecting something like this. He isn’t going to use it, it will become an extension of me, so I better pick it out!

How often do you use it?

At least every week!

Would you recommend this machine to others?

Yes, without reservation!

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