Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine Package Review

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine Package

Embroidery is a traditional fabric art which has been known to us for many years. The great styling and versatility in the art came in just the recent years with the advent of technologically advanced machines for supporting it. The variety of designs and styles of the art are a lot more than they were ever before. Different manufacturers have come up with some really exclusive and specialized embroidery machines, and the Brother manufacturer, as always, has impressed the masses with its cool machines with excellent features. The PE770 is a specialized embroidery machine from the manufacturer that has all the depth needed in the embroidery features for making it the most suitable choice for professional designers.

Brother PE770 Features

This one is a really creative platform for all those people who are into some serious embroidery stuff. The machine is ideally designed to cater to the diverse range of needs of the advanced projects.

  • The best thing which you will notice first in this machine is its spacious embroidery field which has the dimensions of 5 x 7 inches. This is a good enough space for creating large embroidery designs without any size limitations, and it will feel easy to manipulate and work freely no matter how complicated or oversized the design is.
  • It has a versatile range of onboard 136 embroidery designs which will cater to a lot of your needs in various embroidery projects. If that is not sufficient, then you can use its USB port for downloading countless designs from the internet.
  • Moreover, the users also have the flexibility to create their own designs on the computer and then import them using their USB stick. There is no need to have any supplementary software to import the designs as the task is done automatically.
  • 6 lettering fonts are also there, which will add variety and more style to your different projects in which you can implement and use this feature easily without any issue.
  • The package also comes with Elipse 4-hoop embroidery pack to provide you with extra ease while using the machine.

So summing it up:

  • Computerized
  • Needle Threader
  • Needle Up/Down Setting
  • Embroidery Stitches
  • Drop-In bobbin
  • Embroidery Machine
  • Auto Threading

All these features collectively make a very good deal for advanced users having a diverse range of embroidery needs from such systems.

Brother PE770 Pros

  • The onboard features of any such machines are considered the best for grabbing the attention of the potential buyers. This one has 136 onboard stitching patterns that all look unique and innovative to add good variety in your embroidery tasks. Moreover,6 built-in lettering fonts are there as well to take your embroidery project towards new dimensions.
  • The machine is compatible with the computer. You can use your USB stick to import your purchased designs to the system for implementation. Further, the designs that you create using a software can also be imported without any need of additional software.
  • The ease of understanding this versatile machine makes it equally useful for both beginners and advanced users.
  • The multi-hooping capability allows you to implement all sizes of embroidery designs with ease. Its capacity to apply various designs easily makes it a better embroidery machine for those who want to work with a variety of designs and experiment with all types of stitches and design sizes.
  • The embroidery field is 5 x 7 inches in size and you can use it for creating large designs in just a few simple steps.

Brother PE770 Cons

  • The size of the onboard screen matters a lot and this one does have a screen, but it is very limited in size. The users face serious issues in seeing the designs which are displayed on the small screen.
  • The machine comes with so many accessories and different parts that are necessary for assembling the unit and bringing it into their proper use. But many customers complain about some missing parts, which really frustrates them, and sometimes using the machine without a crucial part is impossible.
  • For the embroidery tasks, there is always a need to have some onboard LED lights for illuminating the area in order to work easily on the finer details of the project. But, the machine doesn’t have support for any lights on board, which sometimes make embroidery tasks very difficult.


The embroidery machine is all set and ready to support people with their advanced embroidery tasks. Unlike other specialized machines, it doesn’t have any complications in using its functionalities or to bring them to their best use. The vast embroidery area, large number of onboard embroidery designs, and the built-in lettering fonts really adds to the spark of using this machine by the professionals. The screen size is small, which is an issue, but other than that you can call it a complete system for embroidery enthusiasts.

Quick Questions

First impression when you used this machine?

It would embroider the design perfectly. I bought it and the Brother PE-Design 7.0 software and learned to use it very well within a week time. I was making my son a Halloween costume and needed to embroider just about all of the costume (It was a Dunkin Donuts Munchkin box). It turned out perfect. The threading feature was really a nice feature on this machine.

Was the machine manual sufficient?

The manual was well written and explained everything to me pretty clear. I also watched some of the videos on Youtube for some explanations of the software.

Did you buy any accessories? Do you use them?

I haven’t had the need to buy any accessories other than embroidery thread. I would like to try the two place hoop. I do recommend you only use Brother bobbin thread in it as this machine doesn’t like anything other than the 90wt Brother thread. I have had limited success with 40wt embroidery thread as bobbin thread on FSL embroidery.

Did you take any classes specifically for this machine?

No, I taught myself to use it. Classes were offered but they were out of state at the online dealer I bought it from. They did tell me if I am ever in the area to call and they will set up a class for me on it.

How often do you use it?

I have mostly used it for Halloween costumes every year but have done some other things with it throughout the years. It is a very tough machine that knows one thing, embroider. It started life and has every year embroidered through ultra firm heavy weight double sided fusible interfacing (As a backing) and a layer of premium felt. I have been very impressed with this machine because it just keeps going.

Would you recommend this machine to others?

I highly recommend this machine to someone who is looking for an embroidery machine. The 5×7 embroidery area is very spacious and has done everything I have needed it to do. There is the option of a two place hoop that can be moved and a design continued on the fabric for a bigger design.

Do you do regular maintenance on this machine? How?

I haven’t done anything to the machine since I bought it other than clean under the bobbin case and clean the machine. It has never been in or had the need for service from a repair facility.

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