Brother PE525 Computerized Embroidery Machine Review

When you are so eager to start working with your sewing and embroidering tasks, nothing can stop you to look for ways on how you can work on your tasks. Because of your moral commitment to your works or tasks, there is a best machine that can provide you with great convenience and can cater your concerns with one whole unit. It’s none other than the Brother PE500 4×4 Computerized Embroidery Machine .

Main Features of Brother PE525 Computerized Embroidery Machine

1. Computer connectivity

Since it can be connected to your computer, you can easily access thousands of patterns and designs from any online websites. You can directly download some designs from the different sites and upload these designs into your machine. Hence, you can provide yourself with a wide array of selections when it comes to patterns and designs. This is the main upgrade from the Brother PE500.

2.  Easy to use

This model is very convenient and efficient to use due to its spacious embroidery area. With this given feature, you can have the privilege to embellish your creative designs in order to have great results.

3. Full accessories

There are already 70 built-in designs for embroidery that includes 5 lettering fonts.  With this ready-made designs and fonts, you can easily setup your own creative designs and begin to do your tasks with great convenience.

4.  25-years warranty period + free phone support

Manufacturers of the Brother PE525 offer these two beneficial features so as to ensure that their products will always be in a god quality. Just in case you have some dilemmas with your model, then you can just easily contact the quality assurance team for product support.

Other Remarkable Accessories of this Product:

Brother PE525  presents numerous attributes that could meet your expectations and desires. Here are some other best attributes and accessories associated in this product:

  • It has bilingual manual – This can provide the users with easy understanding about the proper functions of the product since they will have a guide for the product.
  • It includes embroidery starter kit that can be used by any user. Because of this start kit, all the tools or pieces of equipment will be easily accessible. Thus, you can make use of these things for easier and faster results.

Customer Reviews and Scores

All in all, there are more than 246 customers who reviewed this item. Brother PE500 4×4 Computerized Embroidery Machine receives an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars. 70% of them rated this item with 5 stars and 7% gave this item 1 star.


The lists below are the common features that most of the customers liked:

  • High quality – In overall total performance, most of the customers loved to use the product. It is because of its high quality level.  They wanted to use the product for good since they can gain a lot of benefits from this product.
  • Efficient to use –Since it is guided by manual and has free phone support, many of them can easily use the machine. Because of this, they can manipulate the whole unit without any so many problems.
  • Very friendly for beginners – Some users say that this model is also suitable for many hobbyists even for those newbie. It is because of its efficiency to use and they can easily understand how the machine works.
  • Complete and full accessories – With its complete accessories plus starter kit package, many users are highly convinced that they can finish their jobs in a precise manner.


While the  4×4 Computerized Embroidery Machine comes with individual shades, some users find the product to be not so fine with regards to the whole coverage. Most of them are highly satisfied with product because of its efficiency. However, there are some of them who are not fully satisfied. One user stated that the tension or the diagrams for the threading which are painted at the machine’s exterior are somewhat tricky to understand. So, they can’t easily manipulate the machine according to their purpose.


In despite of the drawbacks, there are still affirmative comments and embroidery machine reviews pertaining to this product that can also outweigh the negative part. Numerous users of Brother PE525 are well-satisfied with its performance. So, they tend to patronize it for good.  

If you can even see the above rating for this product, you can realize how good the product is and how useful it is for every user. This can provide you an excellent results plus with a great convenience while you are at work. So, if you are also after for a positive result on your embroidering tasks, then it is now the time to recognize the essence of this model.

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