Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine Review

This is a very user-friendly machine that is great for the serious beginner. Plus, it’s super light-weight which is perfect for mobility.

brother-cs6000i-reviewI purchased this machine because I wanted something light and easy to carry to classes and for general sewing. I confess that I had not meant for it to be my main machine but it has taken center stage in my sewing room! It is truly the best machine I have ever had under $200. The machine comes with a wide variety of feet (although I will be adding a few) and has an excellent variety of stitches. Prior to purchasing the machine I had read reviews stating that the bobbing thread bunches up. I have NOT encountered this problem but one does need to take time when threading the bobbin as it must catch the casing. That said, this is easily the simplest machine to thread and it works very well. I love the speed adjustment and the needle down feature which is great for pivoting. I have not tried it on an very heavy fabrics yet but it seems a capable little machine. It also comes with a very sturdy extension table that is very nice for sewing or quilting. I love the little quilting stitches – very nice. I am truly thrilled with my machine and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a computerized machine without the hefty price tag of a TOL machine.

It works perfectly for the purpose it was purchased, sewing sample blocks at classes, minor mending, a seam here or there and hemming. I made a shirt for DH and he loved it. This is still a great machine. I also use it for home decor and as a “buddy machine” when my friend comes over and we quilt together. She loves that this machine is quieter than my Pfaff PCP and we just finished piecing a twin sized quilt for her daughter on it.

I have since tried this machine on heavy fabrics and it skipped stitches. It is still my travel machine although the stitch quality is not the same as either of the above machines it is fine for hauling around and the other things mentioned here. No repairs needed thus far. I had a good friend over for sewing and we played with this a bit and wouldn’t you know it was the needle. It never occurred to me to use a stretch needle for fleece but it worked like a treat. Still the best machine for under $200 and a winner for classes. I don’t know another machine with this quality and needle up/down for the money.

Brother CS6000i Features

  • Computerized
  • Needle Threader
  • Needle Up/Down Setting
  • Embroidery Stitches
  • One step buttonhole
  • Drop-In bobbin
  • Free Arm
  • Adjustable Stitch Length and Width
  • Adjustable Needle Position
  • Differential Feed
  • Auto Threading

Brother CS6000i Pros

It has a drop-in bobbin and computerized stitch selection as well as front-facing buttons for reverse and automatic needle-positioning. The machine is easy to thread and there are little numbered steps on the machine itself to help you learn (it also has an “automatic” threading tool, which I don’t use). Selecting a stitch, width and length are very easy – the screen will even tell you what presser foot to use. The automatic buttonhole setting is a wonderful feature to have and it works great. Even though it is mostly plastic, it is very well made and durable. The whole set-up is extremely light weight – I can pick it up and move it with only one hand, which is great if you don’t have a dedicated sewing area and need to put the machine away after use.

The machine comes with tons of accessories and extras, including a zipper foot, walking foot, automatic buttonhole foot, a specialized foot for quilting that I haven’t even taken out yet, and an extension arm/table attachment. It also comes with extra needles, bobbins, screwdriver, punch, seam-ripper and brush for cleaning. A storage cover is also included, which is a very nice plus.

I have pushed this machine farther than I thought it would go and it has taken it all in stride. I have done everything from delicate decorations for my wedding to repairing my heavy-duty outdoor backpack and the machine didn’t complain once. The motor is fairly quiet and my husband often can’t even hear me sewing.

Brother CS6000i Cons

LCD screen isn’t backlit. It does make it rather hard to see. It comes with a hard cover instead of a true hard case but that doesn’t really bother me as I had a Brother machine before and this one fits into the case. That said, the handle on it is rather awkward but perhaps it is just me. I do wish the lighting were a bit better you will definitely need a sewing lamp. In the end, it is a phenomenal machine for the price and I know I am just being finicky.

The machine has a 5.5″ harp space – which is fine for mending, crafts and piecing but not for quilting anything bigger than a baby quilt unless you are prepared to baste carefully, divide into quarters and work section by section. I did make a baby quilt with it using the included walking foot. The fabric bunched up a few times and I had to go really slowly. The backing shifted repeatedly – I probably could have done a better job with basting.


Simple to use and easy to get to know, loaded with features for a pittance, this machine is undoubtedly a value and a workhorse. I am very happy with my puchase of this machine! Excellent value, you get SO much for dollar spent!

Quick Questions

Tell us about your first impression when you used this machine.

Having only ever used solid metal machines before, I was taken aback by this featherweight machine and was skeptical that it could actually handle sewing garments and cloth pads. I was impressed with the amount of stitches and feet included with this machine, even if I had no idea starting out how to use most of them, despite having sewn for over 10 years.

Was the machine manual sufficient?

Yes, and it continues to be very helpful as I slowly learn more of the features. Automatic buttonholes and a buttonhole foot? WHO KNEW they were so amazing and useful!

Did you buy any accessories? Do you use them?

Yes and yes. I’ve purchased a side-cutting foot (which is amazing! I love being able to have that nice almost-serged edge without having to switch to my serger, or buy billions of cones of serger thread.), a bias tape foot, and a walking foot. None are Brother-specific, just low-shank feet I found on Amazon.

Did you take any classes specifically for this machine?

No, I don’t know that any are offered in my area, but I suppose it’s possible.

Was this a gift/pre-owned/garage sale etc?

No, I purchased it new on Amazon.

How often do you use it?


Would you recommend this machine to others?


Have you had any trouble with this machine? Please elaborate.

The only trouble I’ve had with this machine is figuring out how to get it maintenanced as my former sewing machine repairman doesn’t work with Brothers.

Do you do regular maintenance on this machine? How?

I wipe it down and brush out lint as often as I notice it needs it. It’s really an easy machine to use and take care of, other than not knowing where to take it for a tune-up.

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